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Dialysis in Cyprus

Dialysis in Cyprus



Hemodialysis is the most common method used to treat advanced and permanent kidney failure. Since the 1960s, when Hemodialysis first became a practical treatment for kidney failure, we've learned much about how to make Hemodialysis treatments more effective and minimize side effects.

In recent years, more compact and simpler dialysis machines have made home dialysis increasingly attractive. However, even with better procedures and equipment, Hemodialysis is still a complicated and inconvenient therapy that requires a coordinated effort from your whole health care team, including your nephrologist, dialysis nurse, dialysis technician and dietitian. The most important members of your health care team however, are you and your family.




By learning about your treatment, you can work with your health care team to give yourself the best possible results and you can lead a full, active life – enjoying your choices in many things, including holiday destinations.

The Dialysis Center in Cyprus

Our Dialysis Center operates with the latest technology and with expert multilingual staff.

Centrally located in Nicosia, our Dialysis Center strategically enables our renal patients to enjoy their holiday wherever they choose to stay on the island. The maximum travelling time to our facility from the furthest popular holiday resort, is no longer than 90 minutes, with our shuttle service.

With over 15 years of experience in this area, the new center is state-of-the art and complies with international standards of health and safety whilst also providing quality dialysis services in a modern setting. All necessary amenities are close by, ensuring that all the needs our patients and their companions are met.

Our center is affiliated to FRESENIUS MEDICAL CARE meaning our patients can benefit from the following:

  • Expert nephrologists and experienced nursing team supervise patients at all times
  • Fully equipped dialysis hall with Fresenius 5008S dialysis machines
  • Peritoneal Dialysis facilities, upon prior arrangement
  • Multilingual personnel
  • Modern cafeteria
  • Well equipped waiting areas with indoor gardens for patients and families
  • 24-hour reception

For further information on how to book your Hemodialysis sessions, kindly submit your enquiry form and our able staff shall take care of all the logistics involved, ensuring your holiday is planned for you and stress free.